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Boston's Own Brennan Is "Shooting Blind" On New Single Out Today

Boston based indie songstress Brennan is gearing to make a big splash this year with the release of her brand new single, "Shooting Blind" out today via Green Line Records. The song has a myriad of early 90's singer-songwriter influences, with a strong Liz Phair influence heard on the surface that gets the gears in motion right away. I was really impressed with her chops from the start, and she has a very innate understanding of who she is a musician and where she wants to go moving forward. It's having this musical self-esteem that separates Brennan from the rest of the pack, and puts her in a pantheon all her own. There is a certain comfort and warmness to her sound that will have listeners from all over flocking to her corner, magnetically attracted to her aura and charm that works wonders when you first discover her. An incredible talent that is worthy of first discovery right here.

For more on Brennan, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this channel here, and check out "Shooting Blind" on Bandcamp right over here, and on a host of digital streaming outlets as well.

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