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Boston Based Jacob Seeger Wants To Know What "Love's Like" On New Single Out Today

Boston based Jacob Seeger is back with his brand new single out today titled "Love's Like". Jacob has a slow bubbling, laid back R&B tone to his music that sets the mood from the first note, and introduces the listener with his mystique and musical prowess right away. The song is about a long term relationship that ends after a period of time after not feeling happy with the way things are progressing. Eventually, the subject falls in love with a close friend and finally begins to experience what true love actually feels like. Jacob has been featured on the site before, most notably a few years ago in 2016 with his prior single "Call Me" on Northeastern's own Green Line Records that established his musical style and got him on the ground up and running. With his new single, Jacob is able to evolve his musical influences into something that is definitely representative of where he is at his current stage of life, and where his musical path will take him moving forward. Seeing where Jacob was a few years ago to where he is now is really breathtaking and spectacular to watch unfold right in front of you, and is definitely a song that you'll hold near, dear, and close to your heart.

To check out "Love's Like", it's available on most streaming providers and for more on Jacob Seeger, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow his travels on Twitter from over here, and visit his Instagram feed conveniently located right here.

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