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Boston Based Almost Owen Lets Listeners Know That "We Out Here" On New Single

Boston based singer-songwriter Almost Owen has released his latest single just yesterday titled "We Out Here". The song is an electro-pop styled affair with dazzling rhythms and an upbeat vibe that is designed to put you in the perfect frame of mind as you enjoy the rest of the summer. Owen is an incredibly handsome individual, and has an infectious aura surrounding him that makes it impossible not to like him as you delve into his music for the first time. It's truly remarkable at how firm of a grasp Owen has on the type of music he wants to make and the overall message that he wants to convey to his audience. I was thoroughly impressed with Owen's talents from the start, and the song is also reflective of his goofy and fun loving personality that evokes a strong charisma that Owen exudes at any given time. An incredibly talented songwriter that will definitely pique your curiosity.

To check "We Out Here" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming providers and for more on Almost Owen, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, follow him on Twitter over here, see his handsome face on Instagram at this spot here, and visit his official website for more in depth info located here.

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