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Leeds, UK Based Rockers Hazy Days Start Some "New Beginnings" On Latest Single

Leeds, UK based rock trio Hazy Days have turned some heads and opened up some eyes and ears on their recently released, brand new single titled "New Beginnings". The song has an easy going, straight forward style going for it, with brilliantly penned and heartfelt lyrics that grab out at you immediately and really make you begin to feel a sense of comfort and love towards these brilliantly talented lads. The band consists of Daniel McDonough on bass and lead vocals, Sean Moore on drums, and Luke Watkiss on guitar. I was blown away at the group's musicianship, and their ability to feed off of each other creatively and develop a strong bond that shows throughout their music. Where their music really comes alive is through their live shows, which always involves drummer Sean taking off his shirt and revealing his slim bod to the approving crowd, and hearing their songs with a poignant emotional charge that really makes you feel a kinship with the band and fall in love with them at the same time. An amazingly talented act from across the pond that will find their way into the hearts of American listeners.

To check out "New Beginnings" for yourself, it's available for listening on most streaming providers and on Soundcloud right over here and for more on Hazy Days, please give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook right over here, follow them on Twitter from this locale here, and see their gorgeous faces on Instagram at this spot here. You can also find more via their official website conveniently located here.

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