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MusicBoxPete 2019 Bands of Summer 2nd Edition

With summer officially wrapping up soon and people heading back to school, it's time for another heaping dose of shirtless bods in another edition of MusicBoxPete's renowned Bands of Summer shirtless photo special! Past editions have pushed the envelope each and every time, gradually showing off more skin and having readers develop an even greater appreciation for musicians and their willingness to show off some skin to an adoring audience. This year's second helping features such acts as Roam, Finn Wolfhard of Calpurnia and "Stranger Things" fame, Tobi Duncan of Trash Boat, and this year's annual team photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team. And to close it out this year, here are some more hot bods:

Photo Credit: Adam Webb

Roam (L to R: Alex Costello, Miles Gill, Sam Venness, Matt Roskilly, Alex Adam)

Kicking off the list is the Eastbourne, UK based pop-punk sensations known as Roam. The guys have been racking up lots of frequent flyer miles with their relentless touring, and their music having a profound impact on fans near and far. The lads also know how to enjoy some down time as well, with this delightful pic taken a while back showing the guys getting some much needed sun all while out on a boat. The boys definitely know how to pose for the camera with their sexy bods getting much needed exposure to the sun, and to the adoring eyes of fans as well.

Finn Wolfhard (Calpurnia)

Another entry in this year's special is a face you may recognize from a popular Netflix TV show, Finn

Wolfhard. He of course plays Mike in "Stranger Things", but in his spare time dabbles in music as a member of the indie outfit Calpurnia who released their fantastic debut EP last year titled "Scout". The band have performed a slew of shows since the EP"s release, most notably at Riot Fest last summer in Chicago, where Finn stripped off his shirt after the first song they played, resulting in this marvelous pic you see above that resulted in plenty of hollering and hooting from the fans. Finn responded to all the cheering by saying "Y'all are going to jail!", as he seemed to bask in all the adoration that he was receiving from the crowd. Finn has morphed into a bona fide rockstar before our eyes, and looks damn good rocking it sans shirt.

Joe Everett (Fordham Road)

Some local flavor has made its way into the fray with this entry from Joe Everett, bassist for the Boston area group Fordham Road who is now on hiatus. The group had been making a name for themselves over the last few years with their blend of prog rock and indie rock turning some heads and ears while performing live. I had the opportunity to catch them live last month at The Raven in Worcester, and one thing that was a constant at their shows was Joe constantly taking his shirt off before every performance, revealing his hairy torso to the crowd. It definitely made their performances that much more special and unique, and seeing the arousing energy building up off of that made a great show even better.

Levi Okun (Levy & The Oaks)

A smoldering entry into this year's fray comes courtesy of Levy Okun, from the Asbury Park, NJ based outfit Levy & The Oaks. If you're not familiar with the trio, they play an old school blend of rock and roll that takes the sounds of Bruce, and blends it in with contemporary sounds of The 1975 to create a truly special and dynamic blend that is well worth it. One thing that is worth the price of admission and is a guarantee is Levy always performing with his shirt off, revealing his tattooed and sweaty torso to the crowd. Levy is a ridiculously talented and good looking individual, and see him bare his exposed skin to the crowd makes him that much more desirable and appealing to the crowd whom will certainly have their eyes locked on this surefire heartthrob.

Sean Moore (Hazy Days)

From across the pond in Leeds, UK comes this delightful entry from Sean Moore, drummer of Hazy Days. You may have caught my recent feature on the group and their latest single "New Beginnings" that shows off their early 90's grunge style similar to Nirvana with some Oasis influences thrown in for good measure. I also had the chance to interview the guys on my podcast recently, and Sean talked about how he liked to take off his shirt alot while performing, and you can clearly tell that from the smoldering piece you see above. Sean is a ridiculously gorgeous man with a slim bod and seductive looks that make you want him all to yourself and bask in his sheer beauty.

Tobi Duncan (Trash Boat)

Another hot entry coming in from across the pond courtesy of Tobi Duncan, frontman for the group Trash Boat. The guys have been making a name for themselves for a few years, with their hard edged rhythms and poignant lyrics having a deep and profound impact on fans near and far. As much as they know how to rock hard, they do an even harder job at taking some much needed downtime with this hot pic of Tobi relaxing poolside in Slovakia after a gig. Tobi is a ridiculously good looking guy with a slim bod who knows how to turn on the charm in an instant, and definitely has that charming accent that will make you fall in love with him even more.

Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball Team

Making their annual appearance on the special this year is none other than the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team, and their annual shirtless workout photo. Topless workout photos from college basketball teams are actually quite common these days, but Wisconsin knows how to do these pics quite well, and creatively keep the viewer's attention. Your tongue will be wagging with all of the stunning displays of muscle, and the arousal level will be steadily increasing with all of the flexing and rock hard abs that are present everywhere you look on the screen. These boys know how to keep pounding in the gym, and keep the hearts beating of rabid fans everywhere with these annual displays of some skin.

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