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Boston Based Indie Folk Outfit The Motivated Sequence Release a New Single That Is "For The Age

Boston based indie folk quartet The Motivated Sequence have unleashed their brand new single onto the world titled "For The Ages", the first single off their brand new EP "The Matador". The song is a mellow, laid back affair with inviting harmonies and a rich, musical dexterity that is pretty easy to fall head over heels for. If you're not familiar with the foursome of Zach, Guy, Beth, and Christian, you'll definitely become quite familiar with their sound that is reminiscent of such acts like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, but with their own unique and identifiable musical fingerprint that is quite noticeable to the casual listener. I was definitely impressed with the band's sonic wavelengths as a whole, and they definitely offer up something that is unique and different for the person looking to escape from the ordinary. Their live rendition now available on their YouTube channel definitely presents the song in a more intimate setting that will make you feel like they're right there at home, hanging out in your living room. An immensely powerful group that is definitely gearing up for something bigger down the road.

To check out "For The Ages" for yourself, it's available on most digital streaming providers and for more on The Motivated Sequence, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale right here, follow them on Twitter from this channel here, peep their Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website over here for more in depth info surrounding them, including local tour dates coming up soon as well.

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