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Brooklyn/ND Based Ana Egge Set To Play City Winery in Boston on Wed. 10/2

Based in Brooklyn by way of North Dakota comes the intriguing singer-songwriter vibes of Ana Egge, who will be gracing us with her presence this Wed. 10/2 when she stops by City Winery in Boston alongside Iris DeMent. Ana has an intricate, mellow vibe that is omnipresent throughout her music, and you really begin to get a grasp of her sound almost immediately upon contact. Her latest single "Cocaine Cowboys" is a perfect example of what her music is largely based upon: simply structured melodies constructed upon Ana's beautiful and poignant vocals that exemplify the style and musical message that Ana is trying to convey to her audience. I really found something with Ana's music upon discovering it, and really think she has staying power and the ability to push her sound even further than what she's capable of. A bold and tremendous artist that is worthy of exploring even further.

To check out her new album "Is It The Kiss" for yourself, you can find it on most major streaming providers and for more on Ana Egge, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook located over here, follow her on Twitter right here, see her on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit her official website at this perch here for more info surrounding her.

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