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Adel, GA's Jordan Rowe Is "Up To Something Country" On New Single Out Now

Adel, GA based Jordan Rowe has released his latest single today called "Up To Something Country". The song is a frolicking, upbeat number with home spun country melodies conjured upon a strong musical framework that lays out the welcome mat for you immediately upon the moment you hit 'Play'. You may not be intimately familiar with his music, but you'll definitely be schooled by his sound right by the end as he has a pure, unadulterated sound that allows you to get settled in right from the start. Jordan is the true definition of a Southern gentlemen with his warm demeanor, thick accent, and illustrious charm that works its magic almost immediately, and makes him an immediate part of your family taking in everything that he enjoys doing, whether it's hunting or taking in a Georgia Bulldog football game. I first discovered his music last year, and he really opened my eyes to the true heart and soul of country music, and has made me appreciate it more as a whole. A truly remarkable artist that is worthy of dipping your toes into.

To check out "Up To Something Country" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Jordan Rowe, please give him a 'Like on Facebook located right over here, follow him on Twitter here, and see his handsome face and hunting pics on Instagram conveniently located at this perch here.

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