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Boston Based Dream Pop Outfit Little Miss Echo Gearing For 6/7 Debut LP Release Show @ The Lilypad

Photo Credit: Kevin Foley

Boston based dream pop quartet Little Miss Echo are prepping for the release of their debut album on June 7th with a release show happening that evening at The Lilypad in Cambridge. Their music is an upbeat blend of catchy tunes with a strong and fluid sonic build up that leaves you wanting more by the time the song is through. Their sound fits right in neatly with the other bands in the Boston scene like a finely tuned puzzle piece, and it also incorporates some garage rock elements that give them a little sizzle to stand out a little more prominently out there in the open. I never heard of this group before, and I throoughly enjoyed hearing their unique and innovative blend of music that will most certainly have a captive audience who will latch onto any hook or melody that spits out in the audience's general direction. A marvelous and promising new act that is worthy of paying some attention to.

For more info on Little Miss Echo's June 7th Lilypad show and to buy tickets, head on over to this link right here and for more on Little Miss Echo, head on over to their Instagram feed at this spot here for pics, show clips, and other assorted band content. You can check out their music on all major streaming platforms, incuding on Bandcamp as well right over here.

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