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Alaina Ray, Sneaky Miles, & More Highlight Summit Indie Fest on 10/22 in Portsmouth, NH

Summit Indie Fest is coming back to its usual haunt up at The Book and Bar in Portsmouth, NH next Sat. 10/22. This year's lineup features one of the most diverse and promising crop of up and coming talent to date. This year's performers include: Alaina Ray, The Kenny Brothers Band, Sneaky Miles, Muzzins, Craig Martinson, Talk Chalk, Cliff Notez, and Tyler Legare. The founder of the festival Joel Greer has noticed the festival getting bigger each year and has done things different each time:

"It's pretty recognizable to me and has gotten more notoriety. That has just come through the response of people when I mention it to them, and so may more fans ask for tickets as time has gone on."

Another element of the festival is the spirit of philanthropy that is directly attached to the festival. All revenue from ticket sales go directly to Team Summit, a youth development organization based in Lawrence, MA. Joel is directly involved with the organization, and it really means alot to have so much support from the general public:

"Before this year, the money would go directly into Team Summit and we do youth development, so it could be used for yoga, or chess, or some of our other programming so it really helped alot. We're going to make it very relatable by giving the kids free music lessons in the city that we identify can use them, so all the proceeds would go directly to them."

The festival also continues their long standing partnership with The Book and Bar in Portsmouth, a bookstore/bar/restaurant and Joel credits them and management with fully realizing his artistic and creative vision, and letting Joel have free reign with curating the festival and bringing the masses in:

" I truly think it's the ownership of The Book and Bar and people to work with have really taken the festival serious and they themselves have a love and passion for music, so it's a shared mission and adds to the atmosphere, plus it's also a intimate setting there that it gives the artist the ability to showcase their art in a different manner."

Joel also has big plans for the festival moving forward, possibly into a larger setting at some point down the road, but he says that he's just focused on the present and the here and now:

"So we're in a growth period and we're looking to the grow the festival, and with that in mind I don't know that if that would mean moving on from The Book and Bar, I would never want to move on completely and they will always be a part of it and always play a role in it. I think at this point it's not about numbers, it's looking to get better and offer as much as we can in the spirit of music."

For more info on Summit Indie Fest, head on over to the festival's official website at this spot here, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here, and follow Summit Indie Fest on Instagram over here for all the latest up to the minute updates leading up to the festival next weekend.

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