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Boston Based Cruel Miracle Displaying Some "Camaraderie" on New Album

Boston based hard rock outfit Cruel Miracle have just released their brand new album to kick off the new year titled "Camaraderie". The effort is an escapist, frolicking affair with swerving guitar licks and a frenetic edge to it that doesn't seem to want to let up right from the get go. Fronted by Sir Ken Celli, the guys have been featured on the site previously, and they have a strong hard rock complexion to them that really gets me involved even though I'm not much of a hard rock fan. What they do extremely well is that they keep things simple for the prospective listener to take note of and not leave them feel overwhelmed of what they may encounter musically. The vibe that they give off, and one that is reflected on their new album is driving down the road on your motorcycle, escaping from the cruel drudgery of reality and the outside world, relishing in the presence of your friends alongside the power of music to communicate with each other and the audience. A truly impressive act that is ready to make big waves in the new year.

To check out "Camaraderie" for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp right here and on all major streaming providers as well. For more info on Cruel Miracle, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter here, and see their pics on Instagram at this spot right here.

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