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Boston Bred Singer-Songwriter Eli Olson Learns To "Take It Slow" on New Single

Photo Credit: Emily Kobren

Direct from Boston comes the pop splashed singer-songwriter vibes of Eli Olson, who has released his brand new single just last week titled "Take It Slow". The track is a simple, glorious snapshot into a burgeoning talent who lays it all out on the table neatly arranged for the listener to marvel over and draw their own conclusions simply by listening at his musical wizardry in place. Eli goes to school at Northeastern University, and is also a bandmate of Jason Ebbs who has been featured quite prominently here on the site. What Eli does so well is to keep it simple for the listener, and he has a beautiful, serene nature about him that makes his music so pleasant to listen to, and it's such a joy to be in his presence and watch the musical majesty unfold before you. An outstanding track that definitely makes you wish for warmer weather right about now.

You can check out "Take It Slow" now up on Bandcamp right here and on an array of digital streaming providers also. For more on Eli Olson, please seek him out on his Instagram feed conveniently located at this perch here.

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