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Boston Pop/Rap Hybrid Stormin' Norman Putting People On Notice With New Single "Humankind"

Boston based pop/rap artist Stormin' Norman has unleashed his latest musical gem just a couple of weeks ago titled "Humankind". If you're not up to speed with his music, his sound is a blend and amalgamation of pop, synth, and hip-hop to create a truly multifaceted and dimensional sound that is unlike anything I've ever heard before, and makes Stormin' Norman stand out immensely on his musical pedestal. In addition to being a recording artist, he's also a snowboarder and cinematographer in his own right which further cements his status as a tour de force that's capable of anything he sets his mind to. I was genuinely impressed with Stormin' Norman, and he has a strong musical self-esteem which definitely bodes well for his musical future that is looking quite promising at the moment. While I'm not a major hip-hop fan by any means, coupling it with other genres definitely attracts listeners from all across the spectrum who will be magnetically attracted to his charisma and everything that he has to say musically.

To check out "Humankind" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Stormin' Norman, check out his travels on Instagram at this spot conveniently located right here.

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