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Dallas, TX Native Troy Cartwright Is "Halfway To Houston" on Debut EP Out Today

From the Lone Star State in Dallas, TX comes the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Troy Cartwright, who has released his debut EP to listeners ears today called "Halfway To Houston". The EP reads as a love letter to his home state where he spent a majority of his formative years, soaking in the environment around him that helps him make sense of the complex world we live in right now. He spent some time up here in Boston attending Berklee College of Music where he graduated in 2012, and he has been an omnipresent force here on MusicBoxPete having interviewed him twice and has been featured on the site multiple times before and has been a crucial part of the early success of the site. His music is beyond beautiful, and allows us to relate to him almost instantaneously and feel the same exact emotions that he's feeling right now. Echoing love, loss, heartbreak, and spirituality, you get an inside glimpse of Troy's world and everything in it that makes him special. I'm beyond proud and honored to know and be close friends with Troy, and he'll have a real positive impact on your life after listening to his music.

"Halfway To Houston" is out now on all major streaming platforms, and please seek him out on social media via his Facebook page located over here, and view his pics on Instagram conveniently located right here.

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