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Georgia Based Jake Slaton Heats Up The Holidays on New Single "White Sand Christmas"

Georgia based country artist Jake Slaton has unveiled his brand new Christmas tune to the masses just last week titled "White Sand Christmas". The song is a wondrous, escapist dreamland with Jake's gentle vocals and his soothing Southern twang permeating the air, and giving a high degree of warmth as your holiday season kicks into high gear. Jake has quietly been making a name for himself in the country circuit, with some of his previously released tracks "FLA", "Shot With You", and "Once Upon A Lime" establishing his reputation as a down home country globetrotter who's always game for an adventure. Another thing he has going for him is his swooning good looks that will make you pop up a cocktail, and perch yourself right up next to him as he works his magic on you through the power of song. I've been a huge fan of Jake's from the very beginning, and he definitely has that staying power that makes you want to pay attention to everything that he's putting out and tag along with him on all of his warm weather adventures.

You can check out "White Sand Christmas" on all of your favorite music streaming services and for more on Jake Slaton, give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here, and see his stunning pics on his Instagram feed at this locale here along with all the latest up to date info, show updates, and everything that is going on in his world.

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