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Boston Based Guitar Prodigy Baxter Hall Takes The "High Road” on New Single Out Today

Boston based singer-songwriter Baxter Hall has released his brand new song to the world today called "High Road”. The song is much different in tonality than anything else that Baxter has put out previously, and has allowed him to dig deeper than ever before and allow listeners to uncover more sheer beauty emanating so strongly from him. I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing him for my podcast a few years back and feature him on the site as well, and I’ve been blown away by his sheer talent and raw musical intellect that is off the charts. On this new track, he takes a more bare bones singer-songwriter approach with his immense skills on guitar backing him up strongly. There’s a dreamlike serenity when you listen to his music, and he grabs a hold of you immediately upon impact and really strives to connect with you on a personal level and with anything else going on in your life. It’s that personal connection that’s missing from music these days, and Baxter strives to accomplish exactly that and make you part of his inner circle. An exciting new track that is worthy of taking a dive into.

You can check out “High Road” now streaming on all major music services and for more on Baxter Hall, give him a ‘Like’ on Facebook at this perch here, follow him on Instagram at this spot here for all the latest pics and video content, and please visit his official website at this locale here for all the latest show updates coming around to your hometown.

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Nik Seo
Nik Seo
May 06

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