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Haverhill's Henry McIntyre Takes Listeners On A Trip To The "Suburbs" on New Single

Direct from Haverhill comes the indie singer-songwriter vibe of Henry McIntyre, who is back yet again with another terrific single called "Suburbs". This song is very potent musically, as it has a strong and melodic backdrop working well in tandem with Henry's vocals to create a truly dynamic mixture that were tailor made for each other. The song is about Henry's time spent holed up at home during the pandemic, with nothing to do but watch coming of age movies such as "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" and coming to the realization that none of these events in the movie would ever happen to him, because they weren't that exciting to begin with. The song also is about trying to get out of the confines of an insulated town like Haverhill, and further illustrates the love/hate dynamic that Henry has with the city in his desire to break out and fulfill his desires as a burgeoning talent. Me and Henry have had plenty of deep and fulfilling conversations over the years, and I know how hard he works at his craft and this song is just another layer on the musical sundae and shows how his musical dreams and ambitions are finally starting to take shape and come to fruition. A terrific track that you'll definitely want to listen deep and intently to.

You can check out "Suburbs" now streaming on your favorite music streaming services, and for more on Henry McIntyre please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow him on Twitter right here, see his pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit his official website at this perch here for more in depth info surrounding him, including upcoming shows popping up locally sometime soon.

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