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Lynn, MA Native Jermaine Kelly Shoots Straight Into The Sky On New Single "Hayley's Comment"

Emanating from the North Shore in Lynn, MA comes the unique and distinct vibe of Jermaine Kelly, who has released his brand new single just a couple of days ago titled "Hayley's Comment". The song has a unique blend of rock and hip-hop reminiscent of Gym Class Heroes, but all that's on the surface is Jermaine's incredible precision with the guitar and his lyrics that move at a moderate pace just enough for the listener to hop on board, and feel right at home with Jermaine's style. I had the opportunity of interviewing him a few months ago or my podcast, and I was really impressed with his abilities as a guitarist and his constant strive to always elevate his game, and experiment with unique and innovative techniques to further enhance his sound. What I like most about Jermaine is that he doesn't pigeonhole himself into one particular genre, he just lets his music do the talking and brings listeners into his vibrant and colorful world which is never boring. Jermaine also has the staying power which will keep in the fray for a long time, and we're definitely going to expect great things from him in the future.

You can check out "Hayley's Comment" now streaming on all major providers and for more on Jermaine Kelly, give him a 'Like' on Facebook via this perch here, follow him on Twitter right here, and see his pics on Instagram at this spot here alongside possible show dates coming to a venue near you relatively soon.

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