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Medford's Own Sinnet Release New Single To Benefit Charity Called "Iron Woman"

Medford's finest Sinnet have just released their brand new song today with the proceeds of the sale going to a great cause titled "Iron Woman". The song is a refreshing, vivacious tune with easy-going indie rock undertones embedded within to allow the song to burst to life the moment you hit 'Play'. I've been a thorough fan of theirs for awhile now, and they always seem to have that ability to inject some color into everyone's life and transition them from black and white to technicolor in a flash. Lead singer Aaron Spransy has such a unique talent and intricate music personality that it's hard to ignore what he's able to bring to the musical audience night in and night out. This song is meaningful in a particular way with all proceeds of the sale of their single from Bandcamp going directly to Planned Parenthood. To attach a song to charity and make it even more meaningful and tailor made specifically to what the band are seeking out to do, makes Sinnet even that much more astute and in tune with what's going on in the world right now. A terrific track that is worthy of you to discover.

To check out "Iron Woman" for yourself, it's available for purchase with all proceeds going directly to Planned Parenthood on Bandcamp here. For more on Sinnet, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, seek them out on Twitter and Instagram at @sinnetsongs, and visit their official website as well for all the latest up to the minute band updates.

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