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Menlo Park, CA Native Ethan Tasch Is Holed Up In His "Room" on Debut Solo Single

Hailing from Menlo Park, CA comes the acoustic stylings of Ethan Tasch, who has just released his debut solo single titled 'Room". The song is a relaxing, reflective number that so many of us can relate to with the ongoing pandemic. Featuring beautiful acoustic overlays, mellow percussive beats, and various other instruments create a sonic wavelength like no other, and just shows how immensely talented Ethan is. Ethan is only 19 years old and is enrolled in the music program at nearby USC, where he has excelled at crafting an aura and presence about him that has made it hard to look away as he has pristine good looks and a wonderful musical personality that creates a magnetic pulse whenever anyone comes around his general vicinity. I was impressed with Ethan right from the very beginning, and he definitely has that staying power that can carry him a long way and beyond in this industry, and one that can be of some great comfort and joy during these trying times. An excelling and impeccable talent that is only going to be gaining some steam and traction in the months ahead.

To check out "Room" for yoursel it's available on all major streaming carriers and for more on Ethan Tasch, check out his vids on YouTube at this channel here and follow him on Instagram conveniently located over here to stay in touch with everything that he has got going on musically.

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