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MusicBoxPete Bands of Summer 2020 1st Edition

With the unofficial start of summer in Memorial Day weekend upon us, it's time for the long anticipated return of MusicBoxPete's annual Bands of Summer shirtless photo special. Originally only happening twice a year, this year I've expanded it to 3 times a year happening on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends for even more enjoyment during these crazy times! This year's edition features an wide array of artists and their hot bods, including Kyle Majdjian from Boston's own Faxi Moto, Ryan Scott from Philly based Nothing But A Nightmare, and Josh Bilisko from Pretoria. This special provides the perfect distraction, and seeks to entertain and enthrall us and give music fans an opportunity to see a different side of musicians that we'd never thought we'd have a chance to take a peek at. Here is the first installment of the special:

Kyle Maldjian (Faxi Moto)

Starting things off with some local flavor featuring Kyle Maldjian, vocalist and guitarist for the Boston based outfit Faxi Moto. I had the opportunity to interview the band back in February for my podcast, and I was really attracted to the band's creative ingenue and mindset that made them such a hot ticket. It was also revealed during the interview that Kyle frequently strips off layers of clothing during their performances that really gets the crowd going, and this picture submitted above shows Kyle in all of his sexy, freeform glory. Coupled with his beautiful red hair that flows elegantly like a tree, Kyle is a marvelous looking creature that definitely provides for the perfect distraction.

Ryan Scott (Nothing But A Nightmare)

Another entry coming in from Ryan Scott, guitarist for the Philly based pop-rock act Nothing But A Nightmare. These guys have a tremendous energy going for them, with enthralling melodies and a youthful looking appearance that attracts people from all walks of life. When the mood suits them right, the band sometimes sheds the shirts to keep the crowd entertained and this pic above taken from a scorching hot 4th of July performance last year really encapsulates the group in a nutshell. Coupled with Ryan's bleached hair and rocking a bandana to boot, he really got the crowd looking in their direction and sometimes that's all you can really ask for.

Photo Credit: Joshua Brown

Esteban Cajigas

Next up is a return appearance from my good friend Esteban Cajigas. You may know him from his time with the Boston based indie act Jack Romanov. One thing that was a constant at their show was their loud, frenetic instrumentation and Esteban frequently taking his shirt off that got the heat turned up along with a roaring approval from the crowd. Esteban knows how to turn the charm up with his slim physique that makes guys and girls drool at the sheer beauty that they're witnessing, and really makes them appreciate him that much more with his talent and swooning good looks also.

Josh Bilisko (Pretoria)

Continuing to turn the heat up with this hot entry from Josh Bilisko of the Grand Rapids, MI based indie quartet Pretoria. I've had the pleasure of interviewing the group twice for my podcast, and I always appreciated them for their laid back demeanor and outstanding indie rock vibes that immediately evoke an escapist, warm weather climate that you'll definitely be entranced by upon first listen. One thing that they have going for them is their insane good looks, most exemplified by lead guitarist Josh Bilisko who ditched the shirt during a recent Stream Forest internet performance that really had the crowd intrigued. You can definitely tell Josh has been working out with his incredible physique and smoking hot good looks which added a great deal to the performance, and also increases the profile of the band tremendously.

Luca Anatrella

The temperature continues to soar thanks to TikTok star Luca Anatrella who graces this year's feature. Based out of Naples, Italy, Luca has been gaining steam online with his lip syncing renditions of popular songs gaining him legions of fans in the process. One thing that is apparent right from the surface is his swooning good looks that may get him mistaken for a model, and is sure to get even more popular with this sizzling photo that will have people fainting left to right. With his glistening body shining brightly and grabbing your attention form the outset, it's hard to look away from Luca's sheer beauty and his immense talents that are only the beginning for this very fine looking and promising individual.

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