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Portland, ME's own Batons Releases 2nd and Final EP "Cri de Coeur"

Portland, ME's own Batons have just released today their 2nd and final EP together as a band titled "Cri de Coeur". The band consists of Justin Emile Shapiro on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Medina on drums, and Andy Gaudette on bass. The band is reared within the pop-rock realm, but has deep forays into indie rock that allow you to take a long glance of the musical soundscapes running amok throughout that will keep you hypnotized and occupied for quite some time. Justin is no stranger to the site itself, having been featured multple times over playing drums with his previous band Aloud amongst others, and has been a big supporter of MusicBoxPete itself and was a big reason for the site's early success. With the band closing out their run here, they leave fans with an indelible final gasp as the band throw their entire collective and creative arsenal into an epic album that sees the band letting loose and having fun, all while basking in the glow of each other's musical company. I thank Justin immensely for being a big part of what I've been trying to build with MusicBoxPete over the years, and I really appreciate his support and friendship as well. An amazing album that will be entrenched deep on your radar for quite some time.

To check out "Cri de Coeur" for yourself, it's available on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms as well. You can check out Batons on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at /batonstheband.

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