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Roseland, NJ's Own Gregg Sgar Urges Listeners to "Don't Go Outside" on New Single Out Today

Photo Credit: Evolution Images

Roseland, NJ based Gregg Sgar has unleashed his brand new single onto the world today titled "Don't Go Outside". The song has a dimly lit, low key R&B flavor to it that gets listeners in the mood right away with Gregg's vocals running shivers down your spine with his earthly whispers and mellow attitude that puts you in the right frame of mind almost immediately. I thought the song was different and refreshing from traditional singer-songwriter fare, and it shows that Gregg has a sleek, sexy edge to him with his beautiful and majestic hair leading the charge, and his magnetic charisma that allows anyone, anywhere to fall in love with him and hear everything he has to say. Gregg has definitely made me a firm believer in his musical mission, and he definitely has the ability to accomplish even more in the days and months ahead. A tremendous track that is perfect to enjoy with that special someone you're quarantined with.

To check out "Don't Go Outside", it's now available on all digital streaming platforms and for more on Gregg Sgar, please give him a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook located right over here, follow him on Twitter right here, see his gorgeous face on Instagram at this locale here, and please visit his official website at this junction here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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