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Rita Cary Let Go From 92.5 The River

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Popular morning drive time host Rita Cary of 92.5 The River has been let go from the station after a 10 year run the other day. The news comes as quite a shock to her longtime listeners and devoted fans who woke up to her show in the morning and hearing her voice in between songs as she gave insightful information about music and other pertinent topics. The reason why she was let go, and the most puzzling explanation was that she was talking too much in between songs and the station felt like it was time for a change. Here is a statement from Rita that was posted on her Facebook page the other day:

I know a lot of you have been asking me where I have been for the past 2 weeks. I am extremely sad to say that after more than 10 years at the River, I have just been informed today that I have been replaced as morning show host and will no longer be working at the River. I loved working for this station with my whole heart and soul. What you heard on air was the real me - the excited music geek who couldn't believe she got to see all of these great bands, interview them and yack about them on air. I started working part-time at the River on weekends and overnights and was happy to roll out of bed on a moment's notice to fill in for someone if they were going to be out. It didn't feel like a job. I was happy to take a sleeping bag to work and plop it on a couch if there was a big storm coming. It was just a fantastic experience. After working evenings for more than 5 years, I was offered the morning show position. It was a great run. The having to wake up at 4:30 week day mornings after being at a great show the night before and cracking the mike with 3 hours sleep was crazy nuts, but it was something that I will always treasure. And you guys -- wow, I remember when I started this facebook account. The River had just gone on fb, and none of us really knew how to "work it." It's grown to the point where almost 5,000 of you are my facebook friends. We've had yack-fests about everything from the concert you were at last night, to your great oyster postings, to your blow-by-blow commentaries during Stanley Cup Bruins games. I loved the audiophile moments when some of you met on my wall and are now good friends and concert buddies. That's what I value most about being at the River these last 10 plus years. Not just meeting all of these great artists, but meeting you. You are wonderful people. It was a great run and an unbelievable once in a lifetime experience. Love you all. xoxo Your friend, Rita

I totally loved listening to Rita in the mornings as I liked her rapport with her listeners and felt she added a great deal of emotional connection and insight with the banter in between songs and the intros leading up to it. The reason why she was let go just shows the decaying nature of independent radio as we know it.

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