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Artist Spotlight: Actions

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For today's edition of Artist Spotlight, we head across the pond to England where we come across the melodic sounds of Actions. The band consists of Calum Hartley, Andrew McErlain, Duncan Ash, and Finn Lomax. The band's sound is a simply structured, yet highly energetic blend of alt-rock that isn't confined to one specific genre and instead branches out in multiple areas to grab musical characteristics from all and mold it into something truly spectacular that has little hints of pop-punk spread about to give it a full featured sound that is highly original and one that stands out prominently from the pack. I've covered numerous bands from the U.K. over the course of the past year, and this act is one of the more impressive I've come across in my musical travels and definitely has that extra edge to set it apart from all the others to offer something different that listeners will take to heart almost immediately, whether it be the lyrics or the overall sound, this band has the total package. "Messages" is the song that clearly demonstrates their musical mission.

For more information on Actions, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here to get a better understanding of who the guys are. You can listen to more of the band's music on their Soundcloud page right here, and check out their YouTube page over here for more of their musical odysseys.

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