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UPDATE: Steve Klein's Ex-Wife Testifies In Online Sex Case

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Another update in the ongoing saga surrounding the online sex charges levied against former New Found Glory member Steve Klein. His ex-wife Amanda has given some insight as to his whereabouts and what was inside his head at the time the alleged crimes occurred.

Steve was in a San Luis Obispo, CA courtroom on Thursday over accusations of sexual conduct with underage girls which took place sometime last year. Klein's attorney Debra White had filed a request to put a gag order on the case due to Klein's high media profile and suppressing any further updates. The request was ultimately denied and so was the motion to suppress evidence being deemed potentially unlawful. Amanda's testimony revealed that when her husband was out of town, she found approximately 100 video chats between Klein and females who appeared to be underage. Amanda said that she was looking for proof that her husband was having an affair when she stumbled upon the chats. One of the videos showed Steve masturbating while two clothed females watched. Most of the hearing revolved around whether or not the video evidence should be excluded from the case or not.

The next court date will be on May 22 where a preliminary hearing will be held where a computer forensic specialist is expected to testify.

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