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Boston Bruins Player Music Special

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The NHL Playoffs are here, and what a great time it is as teams will be shedding blood, sweat, and tears all in their quest to hoist the Stanley Cup 2 months from now. To get us all ready for multiple nights of beer and hockey, I thought it would be cool idea to do a run down of the music selections of some of your favorite Bruins players with my in-depth Player Music Special. You may remember the recent slate of specials I did a couple of months ago showcasing the music tastes of players across MLB, but with this one we're going to focus specifically on the hometown Bruins to get a understanding of where they come from musically and how they unwind before they hit the ice. Here is a list of the players and some of their unique music selections:

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Adam McQuaid: Florida Georgia Line - Round Here

The defenseman with a bad-ass mullet has this recent country hit from Florida Georgia Line as his song choice. McQuaid is currently recovering from a leg injury and hopes to return to the ice sometime soon to help his team's cause in the playoffs, much like he did in subsequent years, most notably in 2011 en route to this first Stanley Cup championship. The ripped and jacked defenseman is known for leveling opposing players on the ice, and always has his teammates backs each and every time.

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Brad Marchand: Ace Hood - We On

Left winger Marchand has this gritty hip-hop track from Ace Hood as his warm up song. Known as Marshmont to some fans, Brad has been a strong, physical presence since his arrival in the Bruins 2010-11 Stanley Cup season, and has constantly gotten in the faces of opposing teams who threaten the stability of the club and are in their way. He is always depended upon to deliver some clutch goals and the occasional hit or two along the way to cement the Bruin's trip to glory.

Chris Kelly: Sofia The First - Rise and Shine

One of our forwards has this unusual song choice in the form of this track from the Disney animated TV series "Sofia The First". Kelly has been an invaluable resource in our line, and is consistently and highly regarded as one of the premiere forwards in the game right now. With exceptional puck handling skills and a strong offensive presence all around, Kelly is one of those roleplayers that you would love to have on your bench any day of the week.

Daniel Paille: & Britney Spears - Scream and Shout

Left winger Paille has last year's megahit from & Britney Spears as his unwinding song. A strong force out there in the front lines, Paille has delivered when depended upon, and is constantly a force to be reckoned with out on the ice, whether it be for a defensive stop or a quick breakaway offensive zone action, Daniel has all the skills and tools necessary to be a great hockey player, and the fans know it when they see him play.

David Krejci: Eminem f/ Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

Our beloved center has this Eminem & Rihanna hit from a few years ago as the track that gets him pumped up before a game. The Czech Republic native has been a huge difference maker for the B's ever since his arrival on the team, and constantly contributes in more ways than one with his amazing offensive zone presence and slick puck handling skills that have made him irreplaceable. My personal favorite guy on the team, his attitude and demeanor are impeccable to say the least.

Dougie Hamilton: Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie

The fresh faced Hamilton has this appropriately titled namesake tune as his charge up song. One of the top defensive pairings on the team, Dougie is constantly learning on methods to improve his craft and he does so with remarkable aplomb and his studious skills quickly come to fruition with its results being shown aplenty. A blazing hot talent that is a fan favorite every time he comes on this ice, this song fits his personality appropriately in more ways than one.

Gregory Campbell: Feenixpawl & Ivan Gough - In My Mind

This eclectic dance track is the song choice of our very own Soupy, otherwise known as Gregory Campbell. Soupy has defined the word 'comeback' with his amazing return from a devastating injury in last year's Eastern Conference Finals against the Penguins, and has shown that he has put that gruesome injury behind him and is focused on the future in attempting to get his team back to the promised land and hoist another Stanley Cup by the beginning of the Summer.

Johnny Boychuk: The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines

The sleek defensive skills of Boychuk are on fine display with this recent Black Keys hit as his song of choice. A great defensive mind to have on the ice, Johnny has constantly helped prevent many a catastrophe from taking place on the ice and he is always there to help take the pressure of Rask and force the puck out of its own end zone and in the hands of the offensive lines. A great name to have on your roster, Boychuk will be a strong presence come playoff time.

Milan Lucic: Rihanna - Pour It Up

The music of number 17 is all in the hands of this high energy Rihanna track as Looch's personal song selection. Milan has been a fan favorite here in Boston for many years, and is constantly a formidable force when it comes to on ice scuffles and constantly emerges as the worthy victor when chaos breaks out on the ice. A strong presence to have in the left winger slot, Lucic can add that extra spark to the offense that can't possibly be contained.

Patrice Bergeron: Lil Wayne - No Worries

The strong defensive leadership of Patrice is shown with this strong Lil Wayne track as his pump up song. A strong leader and great defensive mind, Bergeron has consistently been the clutch goal scorer in playoffs past, especially in last year's epic Quarterfinals series against the Maple Leafs where he brought his own team back from the dead and helped move them forward in the playoffs from that point forward. Bergeron is the definition of grit and passion on this team.

Shawn Thornton: Kitten - Cut It Out

The long time forward Thornton has some indie credibility with this track from the LA based band as his song of choice. One of the most consistent players on the ice, Thornton has also been involved in various rumbles taking place on the ice and usually emerges with many scars and drops of blood as badges of honor. With a terrific defensive presence in the zone, Thornton will be one of those hard to stop players when the playoffs get underway.

Tuukka Rask: Metallica - Fade To Black

It's Tuukka Time! Our heroic goaltender has this amazing Metallica track as his loose up song, and the way he has stopped those pucks from going in the net this past year has been nothing short of remarkable. Rask has been our savior day in and day out, and he has incredible fortitude and presence of mind to stop those pucks from careening too out of control past the line and into the net. A terrific supporter in the community as well, the Finland native is right at home here in Beantown.

Zdeno Chara: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

The big Z has this legendary Nirvana track as his song selection. The 6 foot 9 Slovak will have you straining your neck as you try to look up at him, but he is a kind and hearty soul who is a total animal when out on the ice, and his strong and muscular frame pushes wanna be puck scorers from getting any closer to the net, and keeps the offensive game rolling. One of the most remarkable defenseman currently playing the game today, Chara is a beast that can't and simply won't be denied in his quest for the Cup.

I bleed Black and Gold literally for this team as I have a Bruins tattoo on my left bicep that I wear with pride, and will be proudly watching nothing but hockey for the next 2 months as the Bruins seek to go on another quest for the Cup. The Bruins have given my life so much joy and enthusiasm, and I've come to the realization that hockey players in general are some of the greatest human beings to grace this planet.

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