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Artist Spotlight: The Filthy Souls

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Taking us into the weekend for Artist Spotlight are four humble and talented lads from Manchester, United Kingdom that goes by the name The Filthy Souls. The band consists of Dave Green on lead vocals, Danny Wagstaff on guitar, Topher Gale on drums, and and Jacob Pillot on bass. The band's sound is a refreshing and pure mixture of indie rock influences conjured upon a simple but highly melodic hard rock framework that is not like anything else currently being offered today and sports some remarkable punch and really helps familiarize ourselves with the high quality and musicianship of bands currently coming from across the pond. I've been a huge admirer of the U.K. music scene for some time now, and am constantly chuffed at the amount of talent that is constantly being churned out here, and at how polite and courteous British musicians are for giving me the opportunity to spread the word of mouth out about their music and likeness to everyone across the States. These guys have all the necessary materials in place to make it happen and can go ahead and conquer the American musical shores as they please. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Cold Hearts" and "Destroy You".

For more info on The Filthy Souls, click on their Facebook page over here and give it a 'Like' while you're there to get a sense of where these guys come from musically. You can follow them on Twitter as well right here and see when the band might be stopping by the Boston area for a concert performance. Visit their official website at this location here for more in depth information regarding them, and check out their self-titled EP now available for purchase on iTunes at this spot here.

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