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Cheerleader Release New Single "Perfect Vision"

Up and coming Philadelphia indie pop collective Cheerleader have just put out their brand new single titled "Perfect Vision". The song is a refreshing, energetic concoction complete with striking melodies and relaxing vocals designed to get you in the mood right away and experience the magic they've created especially for you and hope to bring you back for multiple musical journeys in the future. I was impressed with these gents upon first listen, and really took to heart the style and image they wanted to convey to their audience and the kind of response they want to illicit as well, which is to just relax, have fun, and enjoy the plentiful musical experiences you're about to witness.

To check out "Perfect Vision" for yourself, head on over to their Soundcloud page conveniently located here and for more info on Cheerleader, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and give them a follow on Twitter right here.

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