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Artist Spotlight: Basement

Starting off the month of May with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight that takes us across the pond to Ipswich, United Kingdom where we come across the intense sounds of Basement. The act has a local connection as they're currently signed to Run For Cover Records which is based right here in Boston, and they've been making a strong impression with their hard nosed rhythms and sharply focused lyrics attracting legions of fans from all across he musical gamut who are eminently curious as to what their music sounds like and the emotional response it will illicit as a result of it. I was impressed with what I heard from these guys, and they definitely had a unique and creative vision as to what their music should sound like and the type of audience they want to focus their attention on. A terrific on the rise UK band that has a Beantown connection that will definitely attract some new ears in the process. Some songs for you to check out include "Whole" and "Covet".

For more information on Basement, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' if you enjoy the sounds that are coming your way. You can follow them on Twitter from this spot here and see when the band will be dropping by the Bay State area sometime soon. Visit their Tumblr site located right here to stay connected with all the band's happenings, and check out all their music they have released thus far over on the Run For Cover Records Bandcamp site located over here.

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