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Cold War Kids Unveil NewSide Project French Style Furs With "All The Way Down"

The members of Cold War Kids have revealed their brand new side project called French Style Furs with the track "All the Way Down". The song is a refreshing, inventive mix of drums conjured upon a frenetic and fast paced mix of guitars and loud, shrieking vocals that when combined, are some of the most clever and inventive pieces of musical wisdom that I've heard so far this year. I've been a big admirer of Cold War Kids ever since they came out a few years back, and I always appreciated their ability to do things outside of the norm and do differently what the other artists were accomplishing at the head of the pack, and just deviating overall from the status quo and being the amazing and talented musicians they are.

To listen to "On The Way Down" and the other songs they've released, cruise on over to their Soundcloud site located right over here, and for more info on French Style Furs please 'Like' their Facebook page as well here. Preorders for their debut release "Is Exotic Bait" out on July 8 are now being taken over on iTunes right here.

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