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Artist Spotlight: Pull Strings

Take the day off and relax with another edition of Artist Spotlight from New Bedford's own Pull Strings. The band consists of Dylan Fleming on bass, Adam DaSilva on guitar and vocals, John Collins on drums, and Tyler Allain on guitar. The band's sound is a fast moving, frenetic experience with hard nosed punk rhythms finding its way through the mainframe and coupled with the explosive and dynamic vocals abound, it provides for a raw and fleeting listening experience that if you're a hardcore punk fan, will grow to love and appreciate the second you first hear it. What I loved about these guys was their sheer musical ability and focus, plus their raw and unadulterated sound that didn't feel the need to succumb to any musical gimmicks or shortfalls that showed they had an understanding of the music they were creating and the audience that they wanted to focus on. A terrific up and coming band that is slowly making its way on the upswing soon. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Transparent" and "Sleeping In".

For more info on the guys in Pull Strings, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' if you enjoy what you hear. Follow the guys on Twitter from this locale here and find out the latest on upcoming tour appearances in the Boston area. Their Bandcamp site right over here contains all of their music they have released thus far, including their latest "The Upside of Going Blind" available on a name your own price basis.

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