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Artist Spotlight: American Verse

Worcester, MA's own American Verse help us close out the week with Artist Spotlight! These hard rockers consist of Dylan Massucco, Kevin Garcia, and Ryan Pinto and have been making a name for themselves with their hard nosed blend of melodic pop-punk similar in vein to Saves The Day with a clear and concise vision of the type of music they want to play and the ranges of emotions they want to convey to the listener. I had an enjoyable time listening to these guys, and really appreciated what these guys were aiming for when they were conjuring up these tunes while in the studio. These three guys plain love being together while criss-crossing the country and exposing their sound to a receptive audience who will definitely appreciate the message that comes across during the course of their listening. A terrific upstart act definitely worthy of mentioning here. Some tracks to keep on the lookout for include "Decay" and "Heaven's In Your Head".

For more info on American Verse, 'Like' them on their Facebook page located right over here and see what they're all about. Follow them on Twitter from this locale here and find out when the guys will be venturing through the New England area again sometime soon. Their most recent effort, "Heaven's In Your Head" is now available for streaming and purchase on their Bandcamp site located here among a string of other digital music platforms.

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