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Artist Spotlight: PigPen Theatre Co.

Starting off your week with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight that takes us down to Steeler Nation otherwise known as Pittsburgh where we come across the vibrant sounds of PigPen Theatre Co. The band consists of Alex Falberg, Arya Shahi, Ben Ferguson, Curtis Gillen, Daniel Weschler, Matthew Nuernberger, and Ryan Melia. The band's sound is a subtle, low-key musical joy with thoughtful vocal precision and beautiful, harmonic folk based melodies working its way through the breeze and eliciting a strong emotional response from the listener who will gravitate almost immediately towards the sound. I fell in love with these guys almost immediately, and really appreciated the message that was embedded deep within the foundation of the music that really spoke volumes about the depth of creativity that is flowing majestically through the entire group. A tremendous undiscovered act that deserves to be heard right now. Some tracks for you to check out include "Sailor" and "Song From The Stone".

For more info on PigPen Theatre Co., give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and hear firsthand what beautiful compositions are laying just outside your doorstep. You can follow them on Twitter as well from right here and communicate directly with the guys personally. Visit their official website here for all the latest concert dates coming to a venue near you, and check out their latest effort titled "The Way I'm Running" now available for streaming and download on their Bandcamp site conveniently located right here.

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