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Artist Spotlight: Naive Thieves

Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend and unofficial start of Summer with a brand new edition of Artist Spotlight, brought to you by the fine folks of Riverside, CA's own Naive Thieves! The band consists of Cameron Thorne on lead vocals and guitar, Levi Audette on lead guitar, Kyle Garcia on bass and backing vocals, and Ian Maloney on drums and backing vocals. The band has a refreshing, laid-back musical vibe to them that is reflective of their SoCal upbringing with high energy guitar riffs and crisp, upfront vocals that immediately put you in a form of musical stasis and unbridled pleasure abound at your feet with these melodies playing in the background. I found a great deal to love from these gentlemen and their ability to keep their audience on their toes and in the moment with upbeat positivity sure to be the star of the show. These musicians definitely have an extreme likability to them that is almost impossible to ignore and is reflected in their music that you simply won't get enough of. A track to keep on the lookout for is "Anxiete".

For more info on Naive Thieves, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and find out everything there is to love from these outstanding gentlemen. Give them a follow on Twitter from right here and find out when they'll making their way to the East Coast sometime for a concert appearance. Visit their official website here for more wide ranging info pertaining to the band and where you can also find a free download of "Anxiete" to blast at your Memorial Day BBQ's this weekend! Their latest album is called "Vamonos" and is now available to purchase in physical format here and digitally over on iTunes here.

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