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Artist Spotlight: Leo Leo

Time for another edition of Artist Spotlight where we come across some local Boston flavor with the sounds of LeoLeo. The duo consists of Vanessa Wheeler on songs, vocals, guitar, and bass, and Sarah Hope on drums, synth, and electronics. The group has a sharply focused and dynamic musical approach with influences such as Tegan and Sara with elements of indie rock and subtle electronic arrangements thrown in for good measure to balance the sound out and create a flourishing musical environment where they both let it all out and do their own thing. I had the opportunity to catch them in concert last night at Great Scott where they were opening up for Tales of Olde, and they really caught on to me in terms of their stage presence where they openly threw themselves out there and expressed their sound to a rapturous audience who caught on to every note and word they were articulating through the power of music, and they really have found their place among the other bands in the local Boston scene. A track for you to check out from them is "Dancing Queen".

For more info on LeoLeo, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here where you can stay in the know of all their musical happenings. Follow the girls on Twitter from right here and find out when they'll be playing again in the New England area sometime soon. Visit their official website situated here for more in depth information concerning them, and purchase their self-titled EP over on Bandcamp at this spot here among a host of other digital music providers where you can find the release.

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