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SF Based Cathedrals Release Astonishing 'Want My Love"

From the home of the Giants, San Francisco's own Cathedrals have just put out their latest single title 'Want My Love" The track is a phenomenal slice of musical passion with the vocals making you yearn for that special someone and lures you into their wonderland of beauty and bliss with amazing synth based melodies combining with the R&B vibe of the track that is pretty unique in its own right, and completely evokes the style and image they were aiming for when they were crafting this track in the studio. I've covered this duo previously on the site before, and they really have a strong musical friendship that shows when you firs hit 'Play', but this track takes things to a whole new level and really arouses you musically to get involved with this duo.

To hear "Want My Love" for yourself, head on over to Hype Machine right over here to give it a listen, and for more on the duo 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter from this position here.

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