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MA's own War Games To Issue Free CD Sampler During This Year's Vans Warped Tour

Westport, MA's own War Games are going to be handing out some free CD compilation samplers during their run at this year's Vans Warped Tour that you might want to pick up if you'll be among the throngs of people attending the annual extravaganza. The disc is a great way for the guys to get some word of mouth out in advertising, but it also enables them to promote the other outstanding acts on the disc as well, as everyone performing there is looking out for each other amid the sweltering heat and thousands of people who attend the festival almost every day as they travel across the country spreading their music to a crowd that is always loud and proud of the bands they support. The disc also has some local flavor as it features acts from the Southern MA and Rhode Island area so you'll have a heavy dose of local flavor to satisfy your craving. Here is the track listing for the effort: WAR GAMES 1. MY FOUNDATION 2. ANXIETY TRACKS SIENNA 3. BETTER MAN 4. REASON TO STAY NORTHERNMOST 5. I WISH I WAS HONEST 6. BELITTLE ME 7. JETTISON RICH FERRI 8. TRENCHES 9. GOOD OL FASHIONED GREED 10. PAY UP BLIND MICE 11. SPECTATOR 12. JOKE BEAUTIFUL TUESDAY 13. THE CROWN ADAM JENSEN 14. THE KID 15. STILL HANGING ON WE BUILT THE MOON 16. RESISTANCE 17. MORE THAN A FRIEND For more info on War Games, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter right here as well. Catch up with them when they'll be working the table at Warped when it hits the Boston area at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield on July 10th, and don't forget to stop by and pick up your copy while saying hello to the guys!

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