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Boston's Own Carly Tefft Unveils New Song "I Know You Will"

Boston based singer-songwriter Carly Tefft just made available yesterday a brand new song to her anxiously waiting fans called "I Know You Will". The track is a breezy, inviting track with Carly's trademark folk rhythms and free flowing voice making up a majority of the song, and takes off into something immensely enjoybale from the listening side who will find a welcome place for her in their respective music libraries. Carly has been an Artist Spotlight feature on the site previously, and I was blown away with her stage presence when I first saw her at Cafe 939 a couple years back, and I knew she was much more than a pretty girl strumming her guitar, but a true musical force who has a strong lyrical connection if you listen closely that fans can relate to and take a special meaning to and apply it to themselves.

To take a listen to "I Know You Will", it's available for streaming and free download on her Bandcamp site right here, and don't forget to give her a 'Like' on Facebook here and follow up on her adventures on Twitter right here.

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