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Artist Spotlight: The Modern Electric


Time for another edition of Artist Spotlight featuring Cleveland's own indie rockers known as The Modern Electric. The band consists of Garrett Komyati on lead vocals, piano, and guitar, Matt Childers on bass and drums, Michael O'Brien on drums and bass, and Holden Laurence on guitar. The band's music is a mellow, piano infused blend of indie rock elements coupled with a cinematic rock guitar edge to it that really puts these guys in a class al l their own and just adds to their sophistication and elegance as a band that comes through magnificently through the speakers. I was intrigued by these guys with their subtlety and unheralded beauty that was put on display while listening, and they definitely have a certain and unique musical quality that is exclusive to them and one that fans will identify their music by either in concert or on record. A truly special band with a wealth of potential moving forward. Some tracks to keep on the lookout for include "All We Have Is Now" and "Where I Belong".

For more on The Modern Electric, 'Like' their Facebook page right over here to stay in the stream of consciousness with updates direct from the guys. The band is on Twitter from over here and find out when they'll be playing in the Boston area sometime in the not too distant future. Visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth information regarding the band, and sign up for their e-mail newsletter at this locale here that allows you to receive a free mixtape hand curated by the band which has an unreleased track that you won't find anywhere else.

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