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Go Behind The Scenes w/ As It Is as They Get Ready to Hit The Road


Brighton, U.K.'s own lovely lads As It Is are getting ready to kick off their tour today in their hometown, and the group recently let fans in on a sneak peek of their final practice before the tour commences. You're probably enjoying the view from your computer screens right as we speak as the boys stripped down for the cameras, which they all played in good fun here. The idea behind this was if anyone made a mistake while rehearsing a song, an item of clothing had to come off. The guys have experience showing off their hot bods as three of the gents were a subject of an In The Tub interview from the fine folks over at Critical Wave UK that was a huge hit with their fans. As you can see, the boys are nearly nude much to the arousal of everyone watching, and shows how good natured they are plus their serious good looks to match, but when it all boils down to it they're insanely talented musicians to the max.

For more on As It Is, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter right here. Pick up their latest effort "This Mind of Mine" which you can stream on Bandcamp over here.

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