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The Bynars Release Sleek New Vid For "Time vs. Money"

Boston's own dance rock pioneers The Bynars have released their latest video nugget for their latest track called "Time vs. Money". The clip is a black and white vignette that has a sophisticated, sexy edge to it with moving pictures of a ballet dancer that really jumps off the page right away and instills a feeling of warmth and comfort while partaking in the enjoyment of this video. I've covered The Bynars to a great extent on the site in the past, and I've always dug their sound but more importantly I've gravitated towards their image which is a very simple one that doesn't feel the need to overthink anything but just concentrate on the task at hand which is delivering a quality musical number for the listening audience.

For more on The Bynars, 'Like' them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here, and check out "Time vs. Money" for yourself on Bandcamp right here.

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