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Artist Spotlight: Old Man Canyon


Kicking off another week of Artist Spotlight with a trip over to Vancouver, British Columbia to hear the sounds of Old Man Canyon! The band consists of Jett Pace on lead vocals and guitar, Alex Dobson on bass, Mark Kerrey on drums, and Julien Amar on keys. The group takes a delicate, meticulous approach with crafting their compositions, and has that subtle indie folk sound to them that is wholly extant today throughout music and offers up something different than the other acts, plus a more intimate connection with the listener that will keep them tuned in each and every time. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these guys, and really found something to appreciate which is a strong musical kinship between all musicians involved and a harmonic aptitude that is beyond comprehension and speaks to mind about the musical development of these gentlemen which is in fine form right here. A terrific undiscovered band that is worth a look over. Some tracks for you to take a listen to include "Wiser" and "Phantoms and Friends".

For more info on Old Man Canyon, 'Like' them on Facebook right here and become a part of their musical community. The band is also on Twitter from this locale over here and find out if they plan on playing the New England area sometime in the near future. Visit their official website here for more in depth information concerning the band, and pick up their latest EP titled "Phantoms and Friends" now available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp conveniently located here.

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