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Artist Spotlight: The National Parks


It's Friday, and we're heading into the weekend with an Artist Spotlight on a musical act hailing from the land of the Mormons and the NBA's Utah Jazz, from Provo it's The National Parks! The group consists of Brady Parks, Sydney Macfarlane, and Bae Sorensen. The band's music is a refreshing, invigorating blend of folk rock rhythms conjured upon a majestic vocal refrain that is reflective of the environment in which the bandmembers all grew up in and you get a sense of what they're like as regular human beings as well, who are insightful and inject so much energy and passion into their craft. I had an insanely great time listening to these guys, and they all had something special to contribute to the musical table. Whether it be top notch instrumentation or simply constructed vocal work, these guys have it all down pat and know how to make the audience part of all the fun. A terrific on the cusp act that is worthy of some love from the New England region. Some amazing songs to check out include "Wind & Anchor" and "Helsinki".

For more on The National Parks, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and hear for yourself what amazing sounds are coming from the great state of Utah. Give them a follow on Twitter here and see if they plan on dropping by the Boston area sometime soon for a concert appearance. Visit their official website here to get a slew of in depth information regarding the group, and check out their latest release titled "Young" now available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp conveniently right over here.

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