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Artist Spotlight: Moses Gunn Collective


Artist Spotlight is back with a look at Brisbane, Queensland Australia's own neo-psychedelia rockers Moses Gunn Collective! The band consists of Aidan Moore on lead vocals and guitar, Samuel Sargent on drums, Alex Mitchell on bass, and Lewis Stephenson on guitar. The band's sound is a dream laced, hypnotic blend of psych-rock that hearkens back to the late 60's Woodstock hippie era full of wild childs and unrelenting passion and enthusiasm for music and everything associated with it. I enjoyed these guys mainly for their musical simplicity and keeping everything on a even playing field with terrific sun-soaked rhythms and Aidan's dreamy vocals that leave plenty to be desired. And the fact that not many of them believe in wearing shirts while on stage will leave many people training their eyes towards them not just for their hot bods, but for their amazing musicianship. A terrific band from Down Under that is ready for primetime here in the U.S. A recommended track for you to discover is the incredible "Shalala".

For more info on Moses Gunn Collective, 'Like' them on Facebook here and become a fan of their free-wheeling and love filled sound right at your disposal. The band is on Twitter from this locale here and find out if they plan on journeying over to the United States sometime for a concert performance. Check out all of their music now available on Bandcamp at your leisure right over here.

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