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Artist Spotlight: The Family Crest


Today for Artist Spotlight, we jet on over to the City by the Bay known as San Francisco where we come across the harmonic sounds of The Family Crest! The collective consists of Liam McCormick, John Seeterlin, Charlie Giesige, Laura Bergmann, George Mousa Samaan, Owen Sutter, and Charly Akert. The band's sound is an cross between Arcade FIre and Broken Social Scene with upbeat indie rock rhythms and gorgeous, harmonic instrumentation that really signifies the deep musical bond between all the members and their affinity for crafting serene music that really captures the attention of a musical audience that has a veracious appetite for specific genres of music. I thoroughly enjoyed what these guys had to offer, and really appreciated the musical direction that they took which emphasized high energy melodies and lyrics brimming with positivity that will keep them in the minds and hearts of everyone who comes into contact with them. An amazing group that you'll be hearing more of for some time to come. Some recommended songs for you to check out include "The World" and "Make Me A Boat".

For more on The Family Crest, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and show your appreciation for everything that they do musically. The band is on Twitter as well right here and see if they have any plans to perform in the Boston area sometime in the near future. Visit their official website over here for more in depth information pertaining to the group, and check out their latest album titled "Beneath the Brine" now available for purchase on iTunes right over here.

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