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Artist Spotlight: Darlingside


Time to head into the weekend, and what better way to do that than with Artist Spotlight and a look at a local Cambridge act by the name of Darlingside! The band consists of Auyon Mukharji, David Senft, Harris Paseltiner, and Don Mitchell. The sound is an explosive, melodic blend of bluegrass/folk rhythms inspired by the likes of The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons with a more modern twist that really speaks to mind about the music that's influenced them up until this point. These guys have a habit of swapping instruments at shows and that gives each member some variety which is something you don't see a great deal of nowadays, but what really sets these guys apart is their simplicity and ability to weave their own personalities through the song that allows the listener to grasp an understanding of what these guys are like as regular people as well. A terrific Boston area act that is totally worth listening to. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Blow The House Down" and "The Catbird Seat".

For more on Darlingside, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and become a part of their musical world. Follow the guys on Twitter from this locale here and see when they'll be performing in the area again. Visit their official website right here for more in depth information pertaining to the group, and check out their catalog of music that they've released thus far on iTunes right over here.

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