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Nathan Detroit - Peace of Mind EP


Trowbridge, UK's native lads Nathan Detroit are here with their highly anticipated EP titled "Peace of Mind". The 4 song set is a riveting, top notch collection of tunes from a band that is starting to find their calling and has a strong sense of musical identity and self-worth that is allowing them to move into the upper echelons of the British music scene where they hope to make a impression and start to dent the American listener base as well.

We start things out with "The Way Down", a perfectly constructed track that hits at a midtempo angle with sharp, poignant instrumentation and explosive vocal precision brought forth by the wisdom of Jamie Reeve who adds a great deal of character to each track on this album. "Never Enough" is my favorite track off the album that really hits it all home for you, and releases a deluge of unfiltered musical genius that it's almost impossible to contain. The other members of the group, Elliot Sykes, Toby Wrobel, Callan Milward, and Kye Oxley deserve honorable mention addressed by their full names because they all feed off each other and make each other better as musicians with their highly skilled musicianship reaching their peak right now, and it's an absolute thrill to listen unfold right before you. "I Will Always Be Part Of This World" really tugs at your heartstrings, and tears start to form at how special this band is with their ability to understand our complex emotions like no other band can, and releases it in such an explosive fashion that the band members become instant mates of yours right off the bat and you start to reserve a special place in your heart for this collection of 5 extremely talented chaps. The effort concludes with "Every Heart", a track that defines who Nathan Detroit are as a band, and is a great starter track if you're unfamiliar with the group where you'll instantly take solace with their high energy instrumentation and take to heart lyricism that will make you instant fans of the group when all is said and done. I've been an avid supporter of the U.K. music scene for a couple of years now, and I'm constantly chuffed at all the gratitude and kind words from the cavalcade of British acts I've covered on the site, who represent a genre of music that I grew up on in high school and the influx of these on the rise acts is a musical version of the Industrial Revolution that is constantly flourishing and expanding, and is starting to make waves across the U.S. where things will start getting pretty mental very quickly. Nathan Detroit is the latest in a long line of U.K. acts that will be leading this charge in the not too distant future.

All in all, a superb and astonishing effort from Nathan Detroit, the latest British act that is poised to make their American breakthrough quite soon, and is probably one of the most skilled and polished U.K. acts out there that are on their way of achieving something special.

Score: 4.5/5

Track Listing:

  • The Way Down

  • Never Enough

  • I Will Always Be Part of This World

  • Every Heart

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