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Seattle's Black Whales Release New Single "The Warm Parade"


Seattle based newcomers Black Whales have just unveiled their latest musical odyssey titled "The Warm Parade". The song is an upbeat, breezy tune full of vivacious instrumentation and vocals echoing swiftly through the breeze that coupled with all the melodies surrounding them, contributes to a well enjoyable listening experience heard here. I found these guys to be particularly soothing, and really had a handle of what it was they were trying to accomplish with their music which came charging out of the gate immediately knowing who they were and in what direction they were heading musically. An immensely enjoyable track that you're bound to take some comfort in.

To take a listen to "The Warm Parade", it's available for listening on Soundcloud here and for more info on The Black Whales, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter over here as well.

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