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Artist Spotlight: Syd Arthur


Time to punch out early and head into the weekend with an all new edition of Artist Spotlight, brought to you from the lovely lads from across the pond in Canterbury, United Kingdom known as Syd Arthur! The band consists of Liam Magill on guitar and vocals, Joel Magill on bass and vocals, Raven Bush on violin, keyboards, and mandolin, and Fred Rother on drums. The band's sound is a lush, mellow delight with earthy musical tones and wondorous, rapturing vocals that set everything in motion right away, and begins to develop an impression of these supremely talented musicians who have a knack for putting everything in perspective. One thing I found while listening to these guys was that they can't be confined to a single genre, which can sometimes be frustrating for a group to become labeled or pigeonholed in comparison to other similar acts. These guys have developed a sound that is all their own and unclassifiable to today's standards, and is a testament to their strong work ethic and dazzling musical abilities that are clearly displayed for everyone to marvel over. An amazing diamond in the rough act that is worthy of a second look over. Some songs for you to check out include "Garden of Time" and "Hometown Blues".

For more info on Syd Arthur, 'Like' them on Facebook over here to become a part of their close knit community that is constantly expanding by the minute as we speak. The band is on Twitter as well right here and see if they plan on coming over to the U.S. for a concert performance. Visit their official website here for more in depth info about the gentlemen, and check out all of their music they have released thus far on Bandcamp right over here.

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